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Whether you have a good understanding, some idea, or no clue as to your ‘calling’, the Discover Your Calling (DYC) Course is designed to bring greater clarity, direction, self-awareness and focus to anyone, regardless of your age or circumstance.

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How to Discover Your Calling

Start living with value, meaning and purpose.


Whether you have a good understanding, some idea, or no clue as to your ‘calling’, the Discover Your Calling (DYC) Course is designed to bring greater clarity, direction, self-awareness and focus to anyone, regardless of your age or circumstance.

The course will teach you step-by-step how to ‘Discover Your Calling’ by focusing upon 5 Essential Elements, so you can move towards being the person you were created to be.

Based upon first-hand experience, a combination of tools, techniques and positive past-participant outcomes, the DYC Course can bringing fullness to your life by helping unveil your true potential.


You’ve tried other methods before

If you’re reading this now and it’s not the first time you’ve searched for something to help reveal your life calling and purpose, then be encouraged – this is different!

Core content found within the DYC Course has been compiled by Rick Paget, founder of Equipe Coaching.  Teaching and exercises contained within the course are based upon understandings and breakthroughs he’s experienced through the pain and joys of his own journey towards finding life direction and purpose.

Save time, effort and energy trying to work these things out for yourself by taking part in the 5-session Discover Your Calling Course.

“Having searched for my calling for over 25 years,
 I finally realised
the clues to my purpose
were already there,
I just needed to know how to find them!”

– Rick Paget


It could change your life

Many participants find greater self-awareness is achieved and the scope of their current focus is either sharpened or changes as they awaken to new possibilities.

No matter how great or small the outcome of your calling, you can make a difference in way’s unique to you.

Some people have even moved towards major life shifts in pursuit of great things that naturally align with who they are.  Businesses & ministries have been formed, services offered, products produced, lives changed…all unique and carried out for a cause greater than just themselves.


What others say

“Loved it, don’t want it to end.  Really well delivered.”


“Excellent, challenging, thought provoking, encouraging.”


“Really worthwhile with surprising insights at times, through the exercises and reflection.”


“Excellent and well worth doing.”


“Timely, my calling has already started to come together.”


“Well thought out and informative.  Helped us dive into where we wanted to be and our direction.”

C & J

“Clear to follow and very well presented.  It was helpful to me in areas I was not expecting.”


‘Live with Purpose, Discover Your Calling.’


Who it’s for

Rick has run this course as both an ordained minister and professionally certified coach with results which have been amazing.

You’ll not be boxed into a ‘this’ or ‘that’ type of person since you are created as one who is beautifully complex and wonderfully unique.

Presented via on-demand video means you can set your own pace while Rick takes you step-by-step through multiple self-awareness and others-focussed teachings and exercises which build upon each other to help you discover and define your unique calling statement.

The DYC Course is designed to encourage and motivate Christians and those searching for ‘greater purpose’ to realise, understand and live out the calling upon their life.  For this reason, the course does contain Christian values and themes, however the core exercises and content can be applied to anyone’s situation regardless of your spiritual beliefs.

We have seen and greatly believe in the benefits this Discover Your Calling Course can make regardless of your stage-in-life and specific situation.


What you get

At Equipe Coaching, we base our approach on understanding every individual is unique, so you’ll not be ‘boxed’ or ‘pigeon-holed’ to fit a particular ‘type’ or ‘position’.

Rather we’re here to help you transform your life into the fullness you desire – even if you don’t know what it is yet!

Through the five session Discover your Calling Course, we guide you with insightful and strategically designed exercises to help reveal your passions, experiences, natural & learnt abilities, skills and strengths.


How it’s delivered

This Discover Your Calling (DYC) Course is delivered via video and downloadable exercises.

We guide you step-by-step with on demand bight-sized learning modules, which you can complete at your own pace during times that are convenient to you.

All you need is a computer, wi-fi, and printer (optional).


Over five online-on-demand sessions, you’ll…

+ Learn structured steps and exercises to discover and define your current purpose and/or future calling

+ Identify clues from your past to determine and navigate your future

+ Create a strong personal foundation from which you can live and work

+ Grow in self-awareness

+ Understand how to make decisions about your ongoing direction

+ Define your purpose and/or calling: ‘What you do’, ‘Who you do it for’, and ‘What changes for them as a result’

+ Discover structures and tips to help you consider how to successfully take action and live-out your calling

+ Receive no-pressure to fit a certain job or role

+ Save time, effort and energy – you don’t have to work these things out alone!


Risk Free Guarantee

When you purchase the online Discover Your Calling Course, you’ll be positioning yourself to transform not only your life but also the lives of those around you. However, we want to make taking this step easy and risk free, so we’re also offering a 30-day money back guarantee* if you’ve completed the online Discover Your Calling Course and found it’s not for you.

* See the Equipe Coaching Cancellation & Refund Policy for more details



How to purchase

♦  DYC Online Course @ $697 – click ‘Take this Course’ (below)

♦ DYC Online Course + 1 x Complimentary Coaching Session & 5 x Personal Coaching Sessions @ $1147 Email Rick (Click Here)  


Take this step of self-discovery and change.  You’ve got nothing to lose!
Make a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you today!


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